Postcard Campaign

To keep your business thriving, it is important to stay at the forefront of your client’s minds. Monthly postcard campaigns are an easy way to touch base with your clients! Keep them up to date with changes in the market, upcoming events, tips and tricks to improve the resale value of their home, and alert them when new homes are listed.


This campaign focuses on Holiday greetings, seasonal highlights, and event calendars throughout the year. It makes for a nice personal touch and will keep your clients smiling.


The Inform campaign features market statistics, tips and tricks, and helpful insight for various tasks around the home. Keep your clients up to speed with vital information year round!


Mix and match these however you like! Recipes are a simple, tasty delight to share with your clients. They can either hang onto them or share with friends – which means your name and number are always available.

How to order

Step 1

Pick your campaign
  • Call, email, or visit our office
  • Choose one of our campaigns or mix and match as you please!

Still not seeing something you like? Ask to see our past campaigns! We have several other designs to show you.

Step 2

Price it
  • Choose between a 12 month or a 6 month alternating campaign
  • Send us your contact list (price is print + mailing)

Every month, we will email you a proof of the scheduled postcard. Look it over, give us the go ahead, and we will take care of mailing!

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